Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes – First and Heal

Time for another Haiku, of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety.

This week’s 331st word pairing is First and Heal

As ever, if you want to read proper examples of Haiku writing, click the words in red above. But, while you’re here, it’ll only take a few seconds to read mine, which follows after this short message.

Short message.

For today’s verse, I had a vision.

It was a fuzzy one.

had a little bump
waiting for my wounds to heal
first varifocals

Help Required:
Due to the fact that this blog is of limited appeal and mostly rubbish, it has so far garnered very little in the way of real readers.

If you have found yourself one of the few amused and happy readers of the above post, please consider following the blog for more similarly useless posts and perhaps sharing it on your social media channels as, not that surprisingly, I have very few friends to share it with myself. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes – First and Heal

  1. I enjoyed that! But, oh, even more so your clever “message” before the haiku! I adore puns. I hear that is low humor, but it takes intelligence to do it well. You did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am actually very clever indeed and only pretend to be stupid.
      Or is it the other way round?
      Anyway, thank you for visiting, the main thing to me is that you were entertained, which makes the entry fee more justifiable.


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