Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Cup and Sip

It’s Tuesday so, according to the clear schedule explainer posted here last Tuesday, it’s time for another Haiku and this time it’s of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety.

This week Ronovan has Cup and Sip for the prompt pair.

In a burst of creative thought, two verses and both linked to a cup of tea.

Sorry, once that sort of thought happens it’s a bugger to shift, so I haven’t bothered trying to shift it.

the empty cup rests
memories of last cold sip
time for a fresh one
cup of tea helps to
ponder universal truth
notice every sip

Help Required:
Due to the fact that this blog is of limited appeal, it has so far garnered very little in the way of real followers. If you have found yourself one of the few amused and happy readers of the above post, please consider sharing it on your social media channels as, not that surprisingly, I have very few friends to share it with myself. Thank you

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Cup and Sip

      1. Careful with that Willow, that can just make you go bit funny apparently. First signs are your tongue hangs out and one eye starts popping…
        Oh. Too late.


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