Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Chimpanzee and Kiss

Time for another Haiku of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety. Why I decided to have a go at the prompt this week when I’m not regularly doing them like I used to I don’t know.
But I have now.
And these are–well, interesting words this week, so I nearly just sidled away quietly, whistling softly to myself and pretending not to notice.

Unfortunately for you, I did decide to have a go in the end.

in ape enclosures
chimpanzee kisses can stink
probably best duck

ancient jungle feels
humanity’s poison kiss
the chimpanzees howl

I have been known to put a bit of text in this small italics bit below a post which is often totally irrelevant to the post above. Hopefully you have just read the post above and perhaps have moved on to this bit to see if there is anything better here. There isn’t. Sorry. But you might like to share the post anyway, especially if you’re the sort who can’t see why you should suffer it all alone.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Chimpanzee and Kiss

      1. It’s fun, just the syllables can get in the way, but not as much as you think. It all depends on the word and what rhyme pattern I select. The D rhyme lines are the tough ones for me, because you kind of have to plan out to use the prompt and then one rhyme late in the poem, the 8 and 9 lines of a 10 line poem. I don’t select that one often. 🙂

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